Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

1. Only one account per person is allowed. Multiple accounts are strictly not allowed. Trying to create multiple accounts smartly and if found all the accounts associated will be suspended with or without notice.

2. Using of Bots, Auto Clickers are any kind of cheating is prohibited. Accounts will be suspended with or without notice if found doing so.

3. Posting anything which hurts our site and other members and posting false information will also result in account suspension.

4. We are not responsible for any advertisements and advertisers websites and thier offers, etc.

5.  We will not be responsible for any kind of delays or failures that are not directly related to our site and therefore beyond our control.

6. You must use the same payment account details to withdraw, unverified account users trying to cheat will get their account suspended.

7. Using of Proxies or VPN is not allowed. Doing so will also result in account suspension with or without notice.


1. Any payments and purchases made to the site either for advertising or upgrading of account is non refundable.


1. Illegal contents and adult contents are not at all allowed.

Privacy Policy

1. Script of our site stores the cookies in the browser in order to store your preference.

2. We will never share your personal informations, etc with anyone strictly and that is promised.

3. Script does stores your password in encrypted form. So, there is no chance of password theft, don't use the same user informations and login credentials on every ptc site, try to maintain different for all sites.

We reserve the rights to modify Terms of Service without prior notice. Any new information when updated will be informed to all.

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